How The Waste Is Disposed Of In Waste Management Company Singapore

How The Waste Is Disposed Of In Waste Management Company Singapore

Waste management or waste disposal management is the process by which the waste is managed from its origin to the final disposal. It includes action processes used by an organization to dispose of, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste. waste disposal company singapore uses several methods for waste disposal. The company collects, transports, treats and disposes of waste with the help of technology and economic means.

The Importance of waste management

Waste management is a crucial process as it saves the environment from the toxic substances (inorganic and non-biodegradable waste) that exist in the waste. Waste management company Singapore separates biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and disposes of them consequently.

Waste Disposal Mechanism.

The basic principle that works for waste management is the 3Rs i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle. This waste management hierarchy works for the minimization of waste. The main objective is to generate the minimum amount of waste and use the product to the maximum extent.

Different types of waste management methods 

There are different waste management procedures.

  1. Landfills

A land site is used for waste disposal. The waste is dumped into a pit or on the ground.

  1. Incineration

The waste that cannot be disposed of and reused such as sanitary pads and medical waste is incinerated in the incinerator.

  1. Recycling

The waste such as metals, papers, etc. Can be reused after being furnished in the factory.

  1. Composting

Human and animal waste can be decomposed.

  1. Bioremediation
  2. Vermicomposting
  3. Waste to energy

Human and animal waste, vegetables and fruits, and other biodegradable materials can be used for producing biogas.

With the growing population, pollution due to waste is a serious concern. Waste Management company Singapore uses suitable technology and principles to perform waste management. New experiments and technology are being developed to fight this problem.